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Crooked teeth are difficult to clean causing cavities, gum diseases, headaches, TMJ problems and above all detract your appearance. Orthodontists help us correct these problems with orthodontic braces (metal, tooth coloured braces or even virtually invisible braces like aligners) to give you a healthier mouth and pleasing appearance. We wish all our orthodontists friends a very happy orthodontists day!!
Cosmetic Dentistry-Cosmetic or Aesthetic Dentistry is an array of dental treatments aimed at improving the appearance of your teeth and in turn your smile.
Teeth Replacements-Crowns are suggested latest technologies allow us to use Metal free porcelain crown and bridge to give the most desirable finish and appearance of the teeth.
What Is a Dental Implant? Tooth implants are best substitutes for missing teeth.The implant fixture is made up of medical grade titanium and is embedded within the jawbone. Once new bone has matured around the fixture a support portion (abutment) and crown are placed. The implant teeth look and function like real teeth. You can floss, smile and chew with them, just like the teeth they are replacing. Care and Cure – The Dental Wellness Clinic has a team of dental professionals who are skilled at providing excellent results. Who Is a Candidate For Dental Implants? Dental implant treatments have matured enough and have a few contraindications for there use. Once a decision has been made that dental implants will be considered as a treatment option, our dentists will make a determination about the patient’s suitability for them. Factors that may be evaluated include: The patient’s health (medical conditions, medicines, age), patient habits (smoking, tooth grinding, poor oral hygiene), jawbone quantity and quality. Why Is It Important to Replace Missing Teeth? Aside from the obvious effects that missing teeth can have on personal appearance and aesthetics, there are other more serious consequences. When a tooth is lost, space is created and bone loss occurs. Normal oral pressures and stress can cause the remaining teeth to shift. This shift can cause healthy straight teeth to tilt and become unstable. This can lead to even more bone and tooth loss. Furthermore missing teeth can cause a drastic reduction in chewing efficiency. Dental implants fill in the space of lost teeth. They preserve the supporting bone and stabilize your remaining teeth. You can chew on them just like normal teeth. How Successful Are Dental Implants? Research and documentation studies have proven the effectiveness and long lasting results of dental implants. Dental implants have demonstrated a success rate of over 95%. Good oral hygiene and regular dental check ups are some of the most critical factors to ensure the health of your dental implants. We at Care and Cure- The Dental Wellness Clinic are very well equipped with skill, experience and technology to nurture you with best of treatment required for these complex procedures