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Implant Dentistry

Single/Multiple Implants:- Dental implants are Titanium or Zirconium fixtures that are placed within the jawbone. The implant acts like an anchor to provide aesthetic and long term replacement for your missing teeth. Dental implants most of the times are one of the best treatment options for replacing the missing teeth. Dental implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, several and even all missing teeth. It is a safe treatment and helps to restore natural smile and comfort most of the times. The eating efficiency is not affected maintaining the same biting force as that of natural teeth. In addition you will have a significantly better sense of task as compared to other replacement options. Implants also help to preserve the integrity of the bone as well as the adjacent tooth Implant Supported Complete Denture:- Implant supported dentures offer a number of benefits over traditional dentures and can be an attractive option for patients who want more stability with their tooth replacement treatment. Since they are attached to a set of dental implants, these dentures will not slip or cause clicking sounds like regular dentures. Some of the key benefits of implant supported dentures include: • More stability • Patients can eat and speak properly • Increased self-confidence • Secure fit • No clicking sounds



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